Thank you for visiting my online portfolio.

I'm Jessica. I've been working in print and online media for more than seven years now. Due to the ever-changing atmosphere that exists in the advertising/marketing world, I believe it is important to be well versed in both types of media. I enjoy working in a position that allows me to bridge traditional print media and online media. I am currently working as a production artist, where I layout marketing materials and prepare electronic files for print. I am proficient across the Adobe Creative Suite. I also do occassional projects designing for the web, testing and making improvements to usability, and outputing graphics for the web. I have done some development in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Actionscript 3.0.

Aside from my technical proficiencies, I work very hard to improve production processes and streamline workflow. For example, I recently took the initiative to organize and assign metadata (mainly keywords) to an image library containing nearly 13,000 images. Previously, members of the creative team were blankly scrolling through images in a Windows finder. Now, I have showed the team how to access Adobe Bridge and search for images with the use of the tagged metadata. I was also largely responsible for standardizing frequently used templates for use by the creative team. Recently, I have been working on a way to streamline website comps by utilizing templates and "comping in the browser."

I love working in production and development and hope to eventually steer my career in the direction of production and traffic management, especially within an agency.

This site is a collection of some of the things I have worked on throughout my career.